Oct. 30th, 2013

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So someone on the Reservoir Dogs kink meme requested a songfic/vid for White/Orange. You can find the original prompt here. It took me almost nine months, but I did it! Hahahaha, I actually vidded a friggin' 5 minute song, I can't believe it. I put this post up here so that anyone looking for what they're saying in the vid can find it. I could only balance out the song and vid so much before losing one or the other completely, and due to their off-the-cuff style of talking, some of the dialogue was quite soft. The order goes what the person is saying with what the line of the song it is in parentheses.

White: That’s a fuckin’ hard situation… *Laughs* (Don’t appear to care that I saw you)
White: And he asked me what my name was... (What’s your name?)
Orange: Larry…
White:…What the fuck was I supposed to do?! (‘Cuz I have to know it)
White: *Laughing* (You let me in, begin to show it)
White: You’re hurt, you’re hurt real fuckin’ bad! But you ain’t dying! (We’re terrified, ‘cuz we’re heading straight for it)
Orange: I’m gonna die! I’m gonna—(Might get it)
Orange: I’m sorry! (I’m breaking down and you’re breathing slowly)
White: Gimme your hand. (Say the word)
Orange: I can’t believe she fucking killed me, man! Fucking caught that! (And I will be your man, your man)
White: Now we’re in the warehouse. (And my own two arms
Orange: *Screams in pain* (Will carry you)
White: Who’s a tough guy? Who’s a tough guy? (Tonight, tonight)
Orange: *Whimpers*
White: C’mon, who’s a tough guy?
Pink: Orange got tagged? (Instrumental music)
White: Gutshot.
Pink: …this is so fucking bad. Is it bad?
White: As opposed to good?!
Pink: This is fucked up….
Cops: *Screaming.* (Later on, if it turns to chaos)
White: *Fires guns.*
Orange: *Fires gun.* (Hurricane coming all around us)
White: It’s not good, no. (And my own two hands will comfort you)
Orange: Larry…Bless your heart for what you’re trying to do… (Tonight, tonight)
Orange: I’m a…tough guy..I’m a—Larry! (And my own two hands will carry you)
White: You’re a tough guy. You’re a fuckin’ tough guy.
Blonde: You kids shouldn’t play so rough. I got something outside that, uh, I’d like to show you… (Instrumental music)
Blonde, White, and Pink: *All laugh.*
White: What’re you gonna do about him? You ain’t dying, he is!
Eddie: Alright, Mr. Fucking Compassion! I will call somebody!
White: What the fuck happened? (I come across you, lost and broken)
Orange: *Fires gun.* (You still haven’t spoken, what happened?)
Eddie: *Fires gun.* (Until you give in, say when)
Marvin: *Groans softly and dies.*
White: Joe, Joe, I dunno what you’re thinkin’….he wouldn’t do that. (And it turns to chaos. Hurricane)
White, Joe, and Eddie: *Gunshots.* (And my own two hands)
Orange: ….I’m a cop. (Say when)
White: *Crying and moaning.* (And my own two hands will comfort you)
Orange: Sorry. I’m sorry…. (Tonight, tonight.)


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